Donald Guzzi

I'm Donald Guzzi.

Audio Alchemist. Character Chameleon.


Donald Guzzi is a voice actor based out of Miami, Florida. He began his journey in September of 2013 and has never looked back. With his wide range and versatile voice; he can go from nasally nerd to young hero to intimidating villain at the drop of a hat. Although he specializes in animation and character voices, his warm, welcoming tone can be perfect for commercials and narrations as well. He is extremely driven and passionate about his craft, always striving to bring his very best to the table. Let him help you bring your project to life!

Studio – Shure SM7B, CL-1 Cloudlifter, Rode NTG4 Shotgun Mic, Apollo Twin X Quad, Avid ProTools, Professionally Treated Space, Remote Ready


Demo Reel

Villain Reel

Animation Reel

Donald Guzzi